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A new patrol robot with artificial intelligence capabilities leverages the proven Segway mobility platform in operating various security missions. The robot is equipped with an events-reporting tool to detect specific human activities or objects and alert security guards to take immediate action.

Turing Video, which specializes in artificial intelligence and navigation systems for security robots, partnered with Segway Robotics to develop the new intelligent security robot, Nimbo. It can be pre-programmed to patrol specific routes or self-optimized routes while analyzing human activities and surrounding environments in real time.

The system automatically detects suspicious human activity, preventing dangerous situations from occurring or escalating. It can add artificial intelligence to buildings, campuses or communities, to prevent criminal activities and speed responses to medical emergencies, according to the

The robot is designed to detect security violations or anomalies. It recognizes predefined suspicious activities/objects, i.e. fighting, loitering, knives, and drastically reduces false alarms (i.e. animals, light changing) with enhanced deep learning algorithms.

It collects HD video evidence and pushes notifications to security personnel including live video streaming to mobile devices. It also supports two-way audio, 24/7 continuous video history and auto charging stations.

Nimbo can handle rough or uneven pavement and move over speed bumps, while the relatively small size enables it to fit in narrow spaces. It can be switched to the “Ride-On Mode”, a distinctive feature that allows a security staff member to step on and ride it up to 18 km per hour.

According to, Nimbo can patrol large company campuses, industrial warehouses, high-rise parking structures or parking lots, etc. It can be tailor-made to meet specific needs, e.g. communicating with drones, integrating with security management systems, adding extra sensors or readers.