Nanotechnology Solution for Military Troops Exposed

Nanotechnology Solution for Military Troops Exposed

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A new nano drone technology based on AI will help frontline troops gain situational awareness in even the most difficult conditions. SnapShot aerial camera developed by UK company Flare Bright is a small, light, ruggedized micro drone, designed to capture instant aerial images in wind, adverse weather and constrained aerospace.

The nano drone is designed to be the simplest way to obtain aerial images at the touch of a button and send them straight to a smartphone or tablet.

It is a fully autonomous system which can easily be deployed without additional equipment and will glide back to its user whatever the weather, winds or conditions – even in GPS denied and electromagnetically jammed environments, according to

The drone provides instant aerial photography for various fields: utilities and constructions, search and rescue – providing an instant viewpoint 100m high, significantly reducing search times and increasing survivability rates.

The technology enables first responders the ability to quickly assess an area for hazards, intruders, fugitives or missing people without the need for delicate drones or costly manned helicopters.

In insurance and real-estate, aerial snapshots and assessments can be made without costly training or third party service providers.

The product has already generated interest from the British Army and Royal Air Force who will be demonstrating the technology during training exercises in Summer 2021. The technology has also been selected for the annual US Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment, giving US soldiers a month-long period to test and evaluate the nanodrone’s capabilities.