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Soldiers at the modern battlefield face two challenges, the issue of carrying a great deal of weight and the ability to maneuver efficiently and agilely despite the large amount of equipment carried on the back. Marom Dolphin Ltd has unveiled FUSION, an integrated carbon skeleton system that connects a soldier’s vest and backpack, enabling quick removal of the backpack, as needed. This low-weight, durable system allows efficient weight distribution and flexibility.

The company specializes in the field of tactical textile solutions and personal military supplies for armed forces, police units, law enforcement agencies, security services, and civilian authorities.

FUSION’s patented structure connects any size backpack to the soldier’s vest without additional straps. Dynamic straps and duty belt allow maximum fit for any user. Essential equipment – such as ballistic plates, hydration system, communications, etc. – are integrated into the vest, available to the soldier when the backpack is removed.

The company’s FORMISSION hinge enables easy, comfortable maneuvering, and the use of special materials eliminates friction with the body, minimizing injuries. The front panel is fully removable for different add-ons, under-fire equipment swaps, or medical equipment.

According to the company announcement, the development of the system involved the most advanced materials and ergonomic engineering to provide optimal distribution of weight on the soldier’s back.