Successful UAV flight Testings Using Only Autonomous Control System

Chicago-based Boeing has successfully completed the first suite of synchronized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight tests using new onboard autonomous command and control technology...

Joint Counter-Terror Intelligence and Cyber Move

The US has been enhancing its anti-terrorist coordination measures with its allies. An agreement was recently signed by the US Homeland Security Secretary (DHS)...

New Approach – UAV Embedded Data Processing Systems

The enormous amounts of video data collected by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) today reflect the urgent need to automate the processing and analysis of...
spike missiles

Rafael’s Fifth Generation Spike Missiles to Be Supplied to Australia

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems’ SPIKE LR2 has been chosen as the Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) for the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) Boxer Combat Reconnaissance...

Advanced Counter Drone System Certified

Another system has been developed to counter drone operation in unauthorized airspaces. The DroneGun Tactical system has been recently certified as compliant for human exposure,...

Cyber Attack in Australia Aimed at Security Assets

Hackers from China have successfully infiltrated the IT systems at the Australian National University, potentially compromising the home of Australia's leading national security college...

Triton UAV Enhances Maritime Surveillance Capabilities

Australia’s is enhancing its maritime capabilities, with the purchase of the first of six MQ-4C Triton UAVs via a cooperative program with the US...
counter drone

Largest Sale Ever of Counter Drone Equipment

Drone detection and drone mitigation remain embryonic industries that have developed very recently on the back of growing use of drones. A counter drone...

World Leading User of Nano-UAVs

UAVs are a game-changer for the Australian Army, providing enhanced situational awareness for better mission execution for soldiers. Soon the Black Hornet Nano-UAVs will...

Hiring More Security Experts – Will it Improve Cybersecurity?

While hackers have been constantly reaching out for new technologies, information security teams are also obliged to adopt advanced technological methods in order to...

Defense Giant will Manufacture Rifles Under “Make in India” Initiative

French defense giant Thales and the Indian-based defense equipment manufacturer MKU will collaborate in the development and manufacture of optronic devices and F90 close...

Revolutionary Explosive Sensor Under Development

The development of sensors for explosives such as TNT is of huge interest. TNT is an explosive material widely used for military, industrial, and...
police militarization

Police Militarization Considered in Australia

Five of the terrorist attacks (including one planned attack) in Australia since 2014 have involved knives as the primary weapon. Two involved shotguns; one...

Citizen-Centric Solution to Terrorist Attack Response

In many terrorist attack events, first responders do not have immediate access to real-time information from the scene, or from victims that are being...
maritime surveillance

Leonardo Showcases New Rotary UAS for Maritime Surveillance

A new UAV will supply a cost-effective maritime surveillance and security solution to the Australian navy. The Italian company Leonardo has teamed with Air...
cyber threats

What Can Be Done to Minimize Cyber Threats to Airports?

The increasing sophistication of cyber threats has become one of the main concerns of the aviation industry as airports and airlines realize they are...
anti-drone weapons

Anti-Drone Weapons – Frequent Measure in Large Scale Events Security

The rise of drones has allowed new and creative ways to penetrate highly secure environments. This is the reason why anti-drone weapons are becoming...

Satellite Based System to Help Guide Ships into Harbors

Maritime pilots help to guide ships into harbors with the help of GPS, but the existing technology is limiting. A new satellite system could...
fire fighting

First Time Helicopter Succeeded in Fire Fighting Operation at Night

The ability to fight fires from the air at night would give aircraft more hours in the day to respond to fires and therefore...
boxer crv

Australian Army to Be Equipped with Advanced Boxer CRV

The Australian Army will get 211 new Boxer CRV armored combat vehicles, after Rheinmetall was awarded a US$4.1 billion contract, defeating a rival bid...
street light

Smart Street Light Poles Supply Much More Than Lighting

Street lights are valuable city assets that can enable various smart city services and Internet of Things strategies. A vast array of connected devices...
situational awareness

New Tech Enhances Situational Awareness in Combat

Modern armored fighting vehicles achieve high levels of crew survivability using both passive and active protection. However, to maximize this protection, all vehicle hatches...


image provided by Pixabay

AI Model Enhances Heart Scan Analysis

Experts from the Universities of East Anglia, Sheffield, and Leeds have developed a new groundbreaking AI method that improves the accuracy and efficiency of...