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Israeli firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will unveil a fifth-generation version of its Spike anti-tank missile, the Spike-ER II.

The Spike-ER II is a tactical electro-optical precision multi-purpose missile that can be launched from all the existing Spike missile launchers. A communications channel based on wireless radio makes it possible to optimize the missile’s energy capabilities while extending its flight range.

The new missile is equipped with a double homing head containing a thermal sensor that facilitates location of targets at long ranges.

A special target tracker has been installed on the missile that makes it possible to fuse information in real time and track targets on a smoke-filled battlefield, according to The new capabilities enable the missile to detect and destroy concealed targets.

According to the company, the new missile contains improvements and innovations in previous Spike missiles and can be launched at targets at ranges of 10 kilometers on land and 16 kilometers by air.

Rafael says that it has sold 30,000 Spikes of various types to date.

Australia has recently announced that it had decided to procure Rafael’s Spike-LR II missiles, which would be installed on the new Boxer vehicles used by the Australian army.