weapon sight

New Android-Based Sight To Send Image Directly to Command Center

After years of designing, checking and testing, Elbit’s subsidiary Elsec has completed the development of the Xact sight, a brand new weapon sight that...

Blockchain at The Service of Police and Armed Forces

Police and security agencies around the world have so far only taken an interest in blockchain – the distributed ledger technology behind cryptocurrencies like...
criminal intelligence

Unified Platform for Criminal Intelligence

A new national criminal intelligence system has been launched in Australia after completing a two-year pilot of the nascent inter-jurisdictional platform. Now the Australian...
defense technology

Rafael Expands Operations in Australia

Israelli-based Defense technology company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has been expanding its operations in Australia, opening a local company in Melbourne. The move has been...

Advanced Counter-Terrorism Training Facility Simulates Village Setting

Australia has been upgrading its counter-terrorism capabilities. Queensland's counter-terrorism unit will start training in a new village simulation. The planned $46.7 million counter-terrorism hub...
facial biometric technology

Wider Usage of Facial Biometric Technology

The elevated global terrorist threat as perceived by the authorities in various states has resulted in the enhancement of countering measures and legislation procedures....
vital signs

Drones to Monitor Survivors Vital Signs

In a development hailed as step forward for search and rescue technology, researchers in Australia have used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to measure the...
black box

New Personal Black Box to Track Soldiers

Tracking soldiers in an emergency situation sometimes takes too long, a critical factor that might cost the lives of wounded soldiers. A new technology...
drone attacks

New Tech Against Coordinated Drone Attacks

With the commercialization of drones, public security and critical infrastructure security have been exposed to potential drone attacks, thus becoming a major concern for...
virtual reality

Virtual Reality to Upgrade Defense Manufacturing Processes

Virtual reality technology upgrades defense industries processes even before the product reaches the production phase. BAE Systems Australia recently demonstrated its 3D simulation technology...

Advanced Control Systems to Coordinate Autonomous Fleets

The operation of multiple autonomous systems simultaneously on a mission requires advanced control systems. A new system that can be used to take command...
USB-connected devices

USB-Connected Devices Are Not Secure As Thought

Security flaws found in USB-connected devices raise questions about the trustworthy of the devices. Apparently, USB connections should be redesigned to offer more security,...
sensor technology

Sensor Technology Boosts Search and Rescue Missions

Search and rescue missions are often supported by airborne capabilities. Advances in the sensor field can augment the capabilities of the teams to locate...

Small-UAS to Supply Superior Imagery for Maritime and Land Missions

Small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS), a proven capability in service with militaries around the world, will be supplied to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Under...
anti terror

Counter Terrorism Efforts to Include Car Disruption Devices

Australia’s counter-terrorism police are using various means to enhance their capabilities against attempted terror attacks. These include, for example, drones the size of flies...

Army-Police Cooperation in Australia’s Anti-Terrorist Response

Australia’s Federal Government has been bolstering its anti-terrorist capabilities. Among the reforms - South Australia’s elite police squad will be trained by the military...
unmanned platforms

Unmanned Platforms Development Prioritized in Australia

The Australian Defense Force (ADF) will be working towards the delivery of unmanned platforms for military operations, with an AU$50 million injection from the...


image provided by pixabay

Robot Identifies Objects with Thermal Sensing, 98% Accurate

Robot Identifies Objects with Thermal Sensing, 98% Accurate A new system enables robots to recognize various common and complex items using special touch sensors that...