Anti-Drone Weapons – Frequent Measure in Large Scale Events Security

anti-drone weapons

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The rise of drones has allowed new and creative ways to penetrate highly secure environments. This is the reason why anti-drone weapons are becoming a more frequent measure in the arsenal of large-scale events security. Police authorities in Queensland, Australia will be equipped with guns capable of shooting drones during the Commonwealth Games there in April.

The weapon, produced by DroneShield uses technology rather than bullets to disable the drones and bring them down by cutting the signal between the drone and its operator. The guns can reportedly target drones within a 2km radius and can also scramble any video feed the drone is broadcasting.

The gun, a GCB Couple DroneGun MKII, takes control of the GPS and either cut it so the drone doesn’t know where it is or it will take control of the GPS and send it back where it came from, according to the company.

The company says there’s a shift taking place in modern weapons from kinetic energy towards electronic energy.

Similar devices have been used to protect the skies over sporting events in the United States including the 2017 Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and the Boston Marathon and DroneShield says its technology has been used by military forces in the Middle East to combat IS.

Queensland police already revealed officers recently used the anti-drone gun to bring down a suspect drone flying near a Commonwealth Games venue, according to

Queensland police have confirmed they will be using the drone guns to help protect fans at the sporting event while the Deputy Commissioner urged the public to “leave your drone at home” during the event.