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The Australian Army will get 211 new Boxer CRV armored combat vehicles, after Rheinmetall was awarded a US$4.1 billion contract, defeating a rival bid from BAE Systems.

The vehicles will be built in Australia with a substantial input of local components and labor.

The wheeled armored combat machines will replace the Australian Army’s aging Light Armoured Vehicle fleet. The Boxer CRV is designed to undertake both a range of missions in urban, jungle and amphibious areas, according to They can withstand direct bomb attacks and heavy machine gun fire and are part of a government investment in strengthening its defense force over the next decade.

The armored vehicles are equipped with a main gun, light machine guns and various sensors to enable them to take on various types of threats. They can respond with a higher speed than many main battle tanks with similar levels of survivability.

The protection to the crew is achieved by a multi-wall structure consisting of spaced and sloped armor in combination with additional protection elements. Reduced radar and infrared signatures, low noise level and high mobility after impact and NBC protection systems are the core elements of the vehicle’s protection package.

The vehicle’s LANCE turret system features a highly modular design, ensuring maximum lethality, flexibility and future growth potential. The electro-optical SEOSS Sector and SEOSS Panoramic sights provide both commander and gunner with a 360° view. The LANCE turret system also comes with a 66mm or 76mm smoke/obscurant grenade launcher while potential add-ons include a laser warning system, identification friend or foe technology, an integrated C4I system, an SAS close-range reconnaissance system or an anti-tank guided missile system.

The comprehensive range of C4ISR systems provided with the vehicle, according to the company website, enable warfighters to assess the environment, control assets and communicate effectively in pursuit of mission objectives.