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Drone attacks on US forces around the world are increasing, and the need to protect military bases without effects to local communities has been growing. In order to bridge the gap and operate against drone-enabled threats to the American national security, the US Department of Defense (DoD) has recently signed a contract that would help it counter and deter improvised threat networks. 

Through the Department’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), F​ortem Technologies​ was awarded a contract to supply various solutions for a layered C-UAS defense to meet the needs of various military operations. 

Each solution is open architecture and designed to be customized to integrate with existing systems to address challenging requirements, including variables in terrain and environment, unique and dynamic rules of engagement, and security threat escalation processes, according to the company’s announcement.

The solutions include TrueView radar, a small, accurate, cost efficient, distributable radar, as well as SkyDome, the adaptable AI System that digitizes airspace and fuses TrueView and other networked sensor outputs to autonomously monitor any environment in 3D. 

By detecting, assessing and categorizing airborne threats in real time, SkyDome anticipates vulnerabilities and can alert personnel, cue defensive measures or launch DroneHunter to autonomously neutralize dangerous or malicious drones. 

SkyDome is the only system that achieves complete airspace awareness, security and defense adding a critical layer of air defense to any existing security framework.