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$100B worth of damages is created by cargo theft every year, of which a major part involves using GPS jammers bought online for $20. As they are cheap and available online, GPS jammers are massively used to disrupt vehicle navigation and kill GPS data, e.g. in order to steel cargo. The assailants follow the truck, neutralize its GPS navigation and take control of the vehicle without leaving trace. In Mexico in 2017, a truck has been attacked every three and a half hours, and the direct and indirect damage to this country’s economy has reached $30 billion.

GPS is also critical for the emerging autonomous vehicle industry. Drones have also become targe to constant jamming and spoofing efforts.

An innovative Israeli startup offers a revolutionary and comprehensive cyber solution to these threats. InfiniDome, a graduate of the third cycle of iHLS Security Accelerator, has recently won the fifth prize at the iHLS Startup Competition for Security and HLS.

InfiniDome’s groundbreaking solution supplies defense from GPS jamming and spoofing. The system identifies the attack and continues to supply a proper GPS service during the attack. InfiniDome’s technology integrates the application of an analog RF algorithm on real-time with advanced DSP-based solutions.

InfiniDome’s current product, GPSdome, is designed mainly for the HLS and security fields, drone security and border security.

The solution, based on an Israeli military technology, is also manufactured in Israel – since May, all the hardware is fully manufactured in Ma’alot, Israel, with the assistance of a sub-contractor under InfiniDome’s full control. Some 1000 units have been already manufactured, and the company has been supplying returning orders to its customers.

Currently, the company is at the midst of an intense development process, expanding its fields of operation. The recent change of its name, from GPSDome into InfinDome, reflects the fact that solutions against GPS jamming were only the beginning, and today the company is looking to supply defense to all the wireless communication protocols on which vehicles or autonomous drones are based on – from GPS through cellular communication to vehicle-infrastructure communication (V2V / V2X).

Nine months ago, the company was accepted to the Israel Innovation Authority’s $4 million NIS worth bi-annual program, and it is currently applying for the second year.

Prof. Moshe Meidar has joined the company recently as the Chairman of the Board. A seed investor, Prof. Meidar was the owner and CEO of MAG, a world giant in the field of machines for the automotive and aerospace industries.

The IDF is among InfiniDome’s returning customers in the HLS and security realms. The IDF uses its innovative technology for securing Israel’s borders against elements that block and jam GPS.

In the field of fleet management, the technology is designed for securing truck fleets, mainly in Central and South America and in Eastern Europe, where GPS blocking for cargo robbery is frequent.

The company is currently in contact with autonomous platforms manufacturers, that need GPS without jamming both for navigation and for receiving an accurate time signature (for communication between vehicles as well as between vehicle and infrastructure: V2V and V2I).

Omer Sharar, InfiniDome’s CEO, describes the widening of the company’s scope of activity from trucking to autonomous vehicles: “InfiniDome’s future technological roadmap includes solutions for the UAV market, where the potential is huge. For example, a new directive by the US federal government says that from 2019 on, unmanned aerial vehicles at its service will not be authorized to operate without protection against GPS jamming. InfiniDome offers the sole most relevant solution at the global market from the aspects of price, unit size, weight, and dual-usability.”

In addition, Sharar reveals that the next generation of the product, which will be marketed in early 2019, will secure simultaneously the complete GPS array, including L1, L2, Galileo, GLONASS, etc. The next product will supply a more robust defense against attacks and will be able to withstand a larger number of jammers and more advanced and intense attacks.

RFDome, the technology further along the way, will supply defense against blocking or jamming to all the wireless communication that the autonomous vehicle needs and will need.

And this is only the beginning. In 2021, the company intends to supply the product on a chipset as a dedicated product designed for the automotive industry’s tier 1. Hundreds of thousands of units will be marketed to giant companies for integration with their systems.