Versatile Electric UAV Under Development

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The world market of civil UAVs such as full electric Air-Taxi, Border Guard, Logistics, Security, Natural Disaster and other missions is expected to increase from 17.8 B USD in 2017 to 48.8 B USD in 2023. The military market volume is estimated to be over 133 B USD during the period between 2017-2027.

A new partnership has been signed in the area of design, tests, certification and serial production of a dual-use hybrid and full electric unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). SE Antonov, Ukraine and AIR-ION Technologies, Switzerland signed a Memorandum of Understanding about the establishment of a partnership regarding a versatile, flexible, multifunctional platform developed by AIR-ION Technologies for performing different civilian and military missions.

According to, the preliminary planned manufacturing will include four types of UAVs with maximum takeoff weight of 1500kg, cruising speed 185 km/h and altitude till 3000m.

The MOU suggests several stages of cooperation: During the first stage, the partners will conduct research of world technologies and the market of electric UAVs applying as air taxi, and hybrid UAVs in other civil and military missions.

SE Antonov will participate in the design of the UAV body, manufacturing of prototypes, conducting tests and creating a serial production line at Antonov’s site.

AIR-ION’s current helicopters combining style and carbon/composites structure frame for light and strong cargo capability, aerodynamics, with lower drag, longer endurance and better fuel efficiency, according to the company website. Missions include border control with IR camera, early warning, freight deliveries, search & rescue operations, military & civil missions, police surveillance, and more.