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iHLS (Israel’s Homeland Security) is leading a Startup Competition for innovative technologies in the Security, Defense, and Homeland Security (HLS) fields, and invites groundbreaking startups to take part in this exclusive event.

The Competition will host startups with disruptive solutions for civilian security, government and critical infrastructure security, border security, safe city, emergency systems, systems for the military, police, and first responders.

The Steering Committee includes the leading experts in the field, with vast experience in the military, defense, entrepreneurship and business sectors.

The Startup Competition which will take place on July 11, 2018, at the Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv,  will be attended by Israeli and global media channels and bloggers.

Arieli Capital will lead investments of up to a total of $1 Million with the top five startups at the Competition, with the most ground-breaking technologies.

Arieli Capital is a venture capital holding company focused on Israeli technology assets. Arieli brings a fresh high-value approach to the technology investment ecosystem as it seeks to identify, invest, develop and/or commercialize selected technology assets and/or platforms. With its hands-on approach and holistic ability to provide its technology companies with a wide spectrum of services, Arieli seeks to develop a solid growth strategy, which includes providing its portfolio companies with access to Arieli’s international platform(s) and business network.

A few examples of Arieli’s tech platforms include:

Eilat Hub Leading Israel’s most southern innovation ecosystem and focusing on Travel Tech/Biotech/Renewable Energy/Agritech.

SN2E – Rapidly scaling to be the world’s leading IP marketplace in a wide range of scientific fields, SN2E is the first and only Startup Nation Technology Transfer Company sanctioned by the Israeli Council for Higher Education (CHE) to aggregate and commercialize IP developed at up to 45 leading Israeli government-funded academic institutions, hospitals, and research centers.

The Competition will host startups with innovative developments in a variety of technologies:

Artificial intelligence, counter-terror technologies, big data, unmanned systems and robotics, cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence, deep learning, video analytics, IoT, sensors, future forces, wearable technology, and more.

The dozens of startups from Israel and abroad selected to take part in the competition will enjoy the special opportunity to pitch at the central stage their ground-breaking technologies and connect directly with entrepreneurs, investors and leading defense industries, the military forces, police, and more.

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