Future Forces will Have Unprecedented Situational Awareness

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The innovative combination of new micro-displays technology with augmented reality now under development will provide future forces an unprecedented overview of the battlefield.

When the US Army needed a very bright, high-definition micro-display, about the size of a postage stamp, it firstly approached makers of smartphone, tablets, TVs and even the gaming industry, but none of them were interested in making the micro-display because they didn’t foresee consumer demand or profit potential. So army researchers at CERDEC took the task. They succeeded in developing an extremely high resolution, 2048-by-2048-pixel display in full color for dismounted soldiers.

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The next phase of development had to do with taking the improved micro-display and pairing it with augmented reality, using the Nett Warrior system.

Previously, soldiers had a small radio attached to their chest, and whenever they needed to get location coordinates or other data they had to look down and lost situational awareness to their front. The micro-display attachment to the helmet allows soldiers to stay focused on what’s in front of them, according to army.mil.

The micro-display not only gives soldiers a clear view of what’s ahead of them, night or day, it also can accommodate overlays such as maps and symbols showing friendly forces and enemy forces. In this way, it will be able to replace traditional night vision goggles. Furthermore, information that’s wirelessly fed into the micro-display can be shared among other soldiers using the device, as well as leaders in the tactical operation center.

Researchers are also adding micro-displays on the soldiers’ weapons and feeding that display into the one attached to their helmets via a tablet worn on the waist. That enables soldiers to get a split view of what’s around them plus the target the weapon is trained on.

Various aspects of future forces technologies will be at the center of the coming Future Forces Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS on May 9, 2018. The event that will be held at the Lago Conference Center, Rishon LeZion, will gather the ecosystem’s leading defense industry representatives, experts from the armed forces, police and security services, entrepreneurs and investors.

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