American Army Presents New Medical System


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Treating wounded soldiers at the battlefield or remote bases sometimes requires X-ray tests. The US Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA) is set to deploy its new portable digital radiography system (PDRS) on the battlefield. The device is intended to replace the aging X-ray generator and an accompanying computerized reader system by combining these abilities into a single lightweight X-ray unit that will be used mainly in smaller operations.

This smaller, lighter and less expensive device is also claimed to be more cyber-secure than previously fielded systems.

USAMMA equipment specialist Diego Gomez-Morales told that the move to the PDRS ‘will significantly reduce the cost per system and overall logistical footprint’. He explained: “The change will save the army about $55,000 per system. It will also reduce shipping weight by about 25 Kilograms per system and reduce the number of shipping containers from three to one.”

The PDRS will be fielded with a complete training support package, including guides for operators and maintainers, the US Army stated. Additionally, all parts of the system are cataloged and sourced in order to expedite future repairs. The PDRS underwent cyber-security testing at the Information Security and Engineering Command, environmental testing at the Aberdeen Test and Evaluation Center, and operational testing at the US Army Medical Center and School.