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Ixia, a provider of network testing, visibility, and security solutions, announced recently that the company’s threat intelligence gateway (ThreatARMOR) will now include cloud-powered centralized management and mobile access to essential security-related information, in order to improve IT operational efficiency and ensure rapid response to potential network breaches.

According to the company’s statement as published on, primary challenges facing network operators and security teams today include the needed for time to confront an avalanche of security alerts and events, operate multiple security consoles, another one is understanding evolving security threats, such as zero-day malware mutations. This can cause missing critical security events that indicate active breaches, targeted attacks, and data theft.

ThreatARMOR Central Management provides a convenient, secure portal for managing global deployments of ThreatARMOR devices. Leveraging the elastic processing afforded by the cloud, it provides scalable management, log collection, and centralized reporting of policy, inventory, licensing, device health, and synchronization status, as well as aggregated blocking data.

The ThreatARMOR Mobile Application offers a quick, portable method for checking statistics regardless of location, including blocked threats, traffic throughput, and geolocation of blocked connections.

The system is updated with a feed from the company’s Application Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center, which is updated every five minutes, and provides access to 300 plus application protocols and over 36,000 security attacks. This real-time, cloud-based threat intelligence enables ThreatARMOR to deliver continuous protection, filtering out untrusted countries, malicious sites, and harmful IP addresses. The ATI Research Center performs both manual and automated analysis of malware and techniques used by hackers to compromise networks.