Too Much Information: Businesses In The Age of Big Data

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Many companies are faced with somewhat of a challenge in this technological age: Too much information. Having a lot of data about sales, clients, and trends is beneficial, of course, but only if one can extract all that data into coherent patterns and analytics.

So how can you unlock your big data? One company, Twingo, offers a solution. Twingo is the largest company in the field of Big Data in Israel and represents a solution called MICROSTRATEGY: A leading Big Data analytics tool which has a unique, advanced Intelligence Server engine, which allows to generate high quality real time queries, when working with the Big Data grade databases. MicroStrategy has developed applications for each of the mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, iPad, Blackberry and more) to create a Mobile BI solution that makes the enterprise BI accessible from any mobile device.

MicroStrategy’s mobile platform was voted – for the second year in a row – the best platform in the world for mobile solution development.

The need for Big Data comes from the simple fact that today companies keep a lot of information about the clients, from meaningful internet data to consumption habits and way of life. Companies who need to keep billions of records every day cannot do so with traditional databases and must use Big Data to store the information.

The main aspects of Big Data analytics is the ability to query near real time data, using self-service BI on huge amount of data.

Twingo is basically a greenhouse for those professionals who seek success in the field of Big Data in Israel. The company provides extensive training to employees and tools to face the Big Data challenges and with it – the ability to produce business insights.

The company will be presenting its technology at the I-HLS Big Data Fusion conference & exhibition on February 25th in Rishon Letzion.