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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated technological adaptation and digital transformation in the public safety sector. recommends paying00 attention to five technological trends to watch in this field in 2022:

  • The increasing role of AI – In order to cope with the influx of data from video evidence, 911 call information, etc., first responder agencies will need to be able to manage and sort the data and produce actionable insights. AI should continue helping alleviate administrative tasks such as writing incident reports. Smart video search with keywords is another example.
  • Real-Time Video – The increasing public safety trend of video from drones, body-worn cameras and in-car camera systems can create a more robust situational awareness for first responders, providing them with the insight they need to make well-informed decisions. 
  • Call centers upgrade – Many call centers lack adequately secured means to receive streaming video, recordings and images from mobile phones. According to the FCC, “many states and localities will be properly upgrading their 911 call centers in the next year” to help incorporate the everyday citizen in the emergency response workflow. 
  • User experience is important especially when every second matters – Few first responders have the time or attention to search for a button or replace a dying battery while handling an incident. “As technology advances, incorporating design thinking to facilitate a better user experience will be crucial to alleviate mental stress and cognitive load” from public safety professionals. 
  • Evaluating new technology – When implementing new technology in public safety, the rule is “more complexity is not the answer”.  Also, keep in mind that technologies like AI should never negate the human-decision making process.