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When conducting law enforcement investigations, speed is of the essence. The difference between detecting criminal activity in the digital space in seconds versus hours or days has a massive impact on addressing crime and protecting public safety. 

New technology provides law enforcement agencies with a highly scalable analytics platform and visualization engine capable of ingesting 10’s of millions of records per second and returning actionable intelligence in seconds. 

The platform can be applied in cases such as lawful intelligence-gathering, cyber security, network monitoring, financial crime, and dark web crime investigation.

The technology developed by SS8 Networks and Ocient enables law enforcement agencies to create “digital fingerprints” across historic and real-time data for forensic analysis. From location-based intelligence to 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) data sources, LEAs can not only collect meaningful intelligence but also run rapid analytics on massive data sets to achieve new levels of visibility for lawful intercept.

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