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Cyber Crisis Exercises in Critical Infrastructure and Operation Technology – in...

Written by Or Shalom Cyber crisis exercises have many benefits for the organization. The exercise allows experiencing scenarios (sometimes under conditions of uncertainty) and affects...
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Defense Innovation Unit Looks to Scale Its Tech

The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) is done with proving new tech and is focusing more on scaling it for broad military use. Doug Beck,...
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Decentralized Storage – A Solution to Cloud-Based Attacks

Nowadays, turning to cloud-based providers for data storage is a common practice of businesses. It offers a convenient and affordable solution, cutting costs of...
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Small Businesses Are At Danger

The FBI is worried that as more large businesses and corporations invest in cyber security tools, hackers are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized businesses. In...

Top 5 Possible Trends in OT Security Market (emphasis on ICS)...

By: Or Shalom, HLS expert OT networks are continuing to pose a security risk for cyber security personnel. In addition to routine attacks, ransomware attacks...
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Ukraine Invites Manufacturers to Test Their Weapons on The Battlefield

Ever since the Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24th, western countries have slowly begun delivering various weaponry to the Ukraine troops in favor...
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AI Boxes in Retail Protecting Businesses

Retail companies have begun employing AI boxes as a means of bettering their businesses. These AI boxes can help with many aspects of these...
IDF's School for UAV operators, photo by IDF Spokesman

Israel’s UAV Market: Growth Opportunities

A new report assesses the evolving trends in the UAV industry in Israel, in the context of various geopolitical, economical and technological influences in...
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Discover The Future at AUS&R 2022 – Unmanned Systems and Robotics...

Our lives are becoming increasingly reliant on unmanned tools and systems. Marine, air, and ground unmanned systems lead the military industry, and are catching...
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Countering Unmanned Threats: Homeland Security’s New Capabilities

Under a new agreement worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the U.S Department of Homeland Security will test a variety of advanced prototypes to...
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NASA and Nissan Work Together to Create Batteries of the Future

Rapid growth continues in the electric vehicle industry. In just two months, the Japanese auto giant announced it was stopping all development of combustion...
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Researchers Setting Up a Virtual Cybersecurity Institute Worth $1.5 Million

In today's defense industry, computing capabilities, software, wireless systems and advanced technologies are used to transform cyber security vulnerabilities into actions that become significant...

Patents Approved for Delivery UAV

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are used for a growing number of applications, for both military and commercial purposes. A recent technique harnesses the technology...

How Companies Can Minimize Cyber Attack Damage

The recent wave of ransomware attacks and preceding waves of cyber breaches could make it appear as though cyber criminals want their pay-off immediately....

New Chinese Drone Could Serve Government Agencies

A new Chinese drone known as the ‘Mavic 2 Enterprise’ drone now features swappable search and rescue accessories. The drone was upgraded specifically to...

The End of the Internet Ecosystem as We Know It?

Facebook has recently been in the spotlight for a security breach that compromised over 50 million accounts. This is a concern not only to...
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New Detection Solution Against Malicious Drones

As drones become more prominently used, so does the misuse of these emerging technologies. New drone detection solution could protect military bases, venues, cities...
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PwC Report: Which Way will Aerospace and Defense Industries Choose?

Aerospace and defense companies must focus on innovation in order to keep pace with new entrants. This is the recommendation of the Aerospace and...
American Patriot Missile

American Patriot Radar Will Be Replaced Faster

The U.S. Army sees a faster path to get a radar that can detect threats from 360 degrees to replace the current Patriot air-and-missile...
Lab Working to detect Biological Weapons

DARPA Funding New Portable Biological Weapons Diagnostics Device

Today’s battlefield can be a very unpredictable place, with threats coming from every direction, including from the air and from underground. Recent conflicts in...

Blockchain at The Service of Police and Armed Forces

Police and security agencies around the world have so far only taken an interest in blockchain – the distributed ledger technology behind cryptocurrencies like...
ransomware attacks

Financial Sector at Special Risk from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have become more and more common, attracting more global focus. Rob Wainright the head of the Europol, the European Union Agency for...


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Ukraine’s New “Sea Baby” – A Rocket-Armed Kamikaze Marine Drone

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has recently unveiled its brand-new rocket-armed unmanned surface vessel (USV). This upgraded kamikaze naval drone called “the Sea...