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New technology is expected to advance cloud computing capabilities in the low earth orbit (LEO). Objects in low-earth orbit are at an altitude of up to 2,000 km above the Earth’s surface. 

Satellite cloud computing devices will be built for both commercial and military customers, possibly including the US Defense Department. The technology could provide the DoD and government organizations with the ability for near real-time analysis of data based on the AI and analytics workloads of satellite communication startup LEOcloud. The company announced in July a partnership with supercomputer company Ramon.Space. 

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The company is offering a two-phase strategy of initially co-locating edge computing cloud services at the closest point of connectivity to a satellite infrastructure where data is being sourced.

During phase one, LEOcloud will offer low-latency hybrid cloud services that provide users with connectivity to “satellite data suppliers, hybrid cloud edge computing services and global connectivity,” the company said.

In phase two, the company will develop, launch and operate a satellite-based cloud infrastructure that provides low latency, secure, high availability, mission-critical cloud services.

Ramon.Space’s technology serves as the computing infrastructure for LEOcloud’s low-Earth orbit constellation and includes supercomputing capabilities and machine learning that enable intelligent satellites to move, process and store data in orbit, according to