Fast Draw – Nightmare in Iraq

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7504685_mThe world refuses to hear, see or understand. The radical Islamic organization that took over Iraq in just a few days has no intention of stopping there. Jordan, Egypt and the Gulf states are all at risk. The international community is talking about a threat, while failing to realize that these rampaging fanatics will slaughter anyone who doesn’t follow their beliefs.

Even the recent nightmarish photos from Iraq won’t convince them to change their way of thinking. How does any of that concern us? Any Middle East expert can tell you that the same organizations already have cells of militants operating in Gaza and the west bank.

The scale of the horror stemming from the fanatics overtaking parts of Iraq has been revealed: The Islamic rebels who took over cities and towns in Iraq over the last week published pictures yesterday showing their men slaughtering hundreds of Iraqi soldiers in Tikrit, home town of former despot Saddam Hussein.

The pictures, uploaded to a pro-militia website, showed masked militants from the “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” organization escorting the prisoners to trucks in Tikrit. Afterwards they forced the soldiers – hands tied and out of uniform – to lie face down in a ditch. Other photos showed the prisoners covered in their own blood after being shot.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Last week U.N. Human rights chief Navi Pilai warned against “murders of all kinds” and other war crimes in Iraq. She stated that the number of deaths in the last few days might reach hundreds. Pilai added that her office received reports concerning rebels gathering and killing Iraqi soldiers and 17 civilians in a street in Mosul. Her office also had information about “several executions carried out without a sentence.” You don’t say?! The U.N. finally noticed the slaughter. They’ll probably have some emergency meetings now, perhaps even make some urgent decisions – but nothing will actually happen.

The radical organization claims to have killed 1,700 Iraqi soldiers. Last night Washington blasted the killings, Department of State spokeswoman Jen Psaki saying that “the horrible slaughter reflects these terrorists’ thirst for blood.” So there’s U.S. criticism and EU shock, but nothing is done about it. This encourages these radical organizations. They’ll never stop unless faced with overwhelming military force. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.