Egozi’s Fury – Intimate Photos or Road Accidents

Egozi’s Fury – Intimate Photos or Road Accidents

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By Arie Egozi

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan asked the police to give high priority to the investigation of the telephone stealing from journalist Sharon Perry and the sharing of intimate photos in it on the internet. Erdan said that he was “expecting the police give priority to the investigation and concentrate all its efforts and capabilities in order to identify the assailant and sentence him”.

Erdan advances with the police the worsening of punishment on privacy offenses discussed the subject with the police who promised to prioritize the issue.

So far so good. However, I haven’t heard that Minister Erdan advances the police war against road accidents. True, the budgets are not only under his control, but one would expect a different order of priorities from the minister. I haven’t heard that he made any special effort to get financing for the traffic police, so that we, the drivers, would bump into a police vehicle once a month and see how a policeman deals with road thugs. From time to time he says something about the subject and promises change, however this is an emergency and every day there are more victims.  

So privacy is important, but so do human lives. It is expected from a minister to have a correct order of priorities.


The Obama-Netanyahu “farewell meeting” was just a meeting, no more than a photo op. It was clear from the outset that nothing but fruitless talk would come out of it. But in the international politics most talks are fruitless, including the speech at the UN and the other meetings.

There is only one thing that’s vital for Israel: IDF’s strength and the government decision ability. IDF’s strength is ok, and even increasing. However a decision ability simply does not exist. Pity it can’t be purchased from Amazon.


Ehud Barak attacked the US military assistance agreement with Israel . Either he is no longer updated or only took advantage of the signing of the agreement in order to harm Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Senior security figures were surprised by Barak’s attack. They admit, and that’s true, that Israel has achieved an excellent agreement. There is always the possibility of gaining more, but it was clear that this was the sum Israel could get.

This is why Barak’s attack seems far from reality and made the ones who know the details wonder about it.


The Islamic State organization has been developing chemical warfare capabilities but history repeats itself . The western world still degrades these capabilities and it might cause disaster.

The US Defense Ministry confirmed that the Islamic State organization (ISIS) fired a chemical shell towards US soldiers in Iraq last week. There were no injured. According to the statement, the organization’s activists fired a shell containing powdered mustard gas towards an air force base near Mosul, where the soldiers were posted.

The chemical material might be very dangerous if used as gas, but the Pentagon’s statement said it was found that the Islamic State activists used the material as a simple and crude powder. “It was powdered mustard. “It was mustard agent in a powderized form – the same thing we have seen [Isis] use to little effect many times in the past in both Syria and Iraq,” said Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman.

Whoever reads the Pentagon statement would conclude that there is no need to take this chemical weapon threat seriously. That’s how disasters are created. The western world degrades the danger until it receives a cloud of chemical agent right at the center of a large city.


All the pathetic attempts to arrange a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Head of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mazen are nothing but attempts. As long as the Palestinian leader continues to bless young men and women who try to perpetrate terror attacks against the security forces or civilians and get shot, such a meeting is fruitless.

There is nobody to talk to, it’s a waste of time. This is why all the fruitless words of the US, Europe and the UN about negotiations are nothing but silly chatter of people that do not understand what is happening.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief