Egozi’s Fury – IDF Wartime Warehouses Failure

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By Arie Egozi

A new report, and not the first one, points out at the deteriorated state of IDF’s wartime warehouses.

Reports keep on being written but nothing has been done. Weird? It is actually more distressing than weird. We are not in Switzerland, here war might break up any minute.

One would have expected that the IDF keeps its wartime warehouses at the best condition. But no. Even before this report I had heard from reserves soldiers about the deteriorated condition of the warehouses. Everyone knew, but nothing has been done. It is a huge failure, so I hope that this time something would be done. Am I sure about it? Certainly not.

In Israel inspection reports are being buried, and nothing is being done to correct the flaws. Then national failures occur, and investigation committees are established. This has become part of the Israeli reality, and no one bothers to change it.

During the last days it was reported that some funds were allocated for the improvement of the situation. I’m following the reports but with deep doubts that anything would change dramatically.


The M-16 rifle used for the shooting attack in Jerusalem came from the IDF. Stealing weapons from the IDF has not been a new phenomenon, but as with the warehouses – nothing substantial has been done.

There were declarations, arrests and punishments, but there was no fundamental attempt to solve the problem.

The IDF is capable of eradicating this phenomenon, but it takes a decisive command and a sanction system that would put the process on the track. So far this has not happened, so automatic weapons and explosives keep finding their way to terrorist and crime organizations.


What would happen next at the shameful circus show, formally called the trial of the soldier Elor Azaria. The most recent part in the show – the offer to pardon the soldier if he is convicted.

I pity the military court that will have to decide about the shooting soldier’s fate finally.

Even the most talented judge would find it hard to decide on the verdict after interventions by almost every politician and every major-general (reserves).

It was the Chief of Staff who actually got the military judiciary system into this humiliating circus show. He should have stated that Azaria be put to trial at his own base.  Such trial takes just a few hours and not several months, when the end to this shameful circus show doesn’t seem near.

How many more failures will be reflected at this show, which ridicules the whole military judiciary system, while this is not its fault.


A “united Jerusalem”. A bad joke that has become worse from one week to the other. The ones that fuel this bad joke are the rightist messianic politicians who fail to understand the reality. The problem is that they are threatening the coalition at its weakest spot, so that’s how this hallucinatory situation continues.

A recent example. On Yom Kippur night masked rioters threw stones and petrol bombs at border policemen who were on a security mission at Silwan. As the rioters who threw petrol bombs endangered the lives of the police combatants, there was a shot and a hit was identified. The rioters fled with the injured into the village. Searches yielded no suspects. Later it was reported that one of the alleged injured was buried by the locals during the night.

During the night conflicts erupted also at Jebl Mukaber and Isawiya neighbourhoods, including fireworks firing and petrol bombs throwing. At Isawiya Palestinian rioters blocked the entrances to the village by igniting dustbins, and then the police closed the village’s main road after young rioters had thrown stones on the Jerusalem-Ma’ale Edomim road.

Large scale police forces operated in Jerusalem during Yom Kippur. Dozens of barricades were established between the Israeli and Palestinian neighbourhoods, and Palestinians were not allowed to drive through the city’s main routes, including Hebron road and route number one.  

A unified city? What a bad joke, that costs us severe headaches. Who needs the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem? Does anybody ever go there to eat some Humus? Only hallucinatory messianic politicians are capable of claiming that the city is united, and threaten to break any coalition if anything changes in this weird situation.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief