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By Arie Egozi

The Syrian army announced last week that it would not tolerate another Israeli attack on Syria’s territory. it came after the IDF had attacked Syrian army’s artillery batteries in response to the dripping of shooting into Israeli territory in the northern Golan Heights.

The formal Syrian response contained a direct threat against Israel, saying: “The higher military command confirms that it will continue its fight against terrorist acts of what is called ‘Israel’ and its proxies – ‘the Islamic State’, Jabhat a Nusra and other affiliated organizations”.

The statement continued saying: “We warn against the consequences of such additional aggression.”

It is worth noting that last week the Syrian ambassador to the UN Bashar Ga’afri dispatched a letter to the Security Council, stating that Israel is systematically supporting “terror groups” active within Syria’s territory/

Such Syrian threat is certainly more than just pathetic. The Syrian army is devastated, worn out and disintegrated. His threats on Israel can not be serious despite the Kremlin’s support.

In Syria someone has lost his mind.

It should be made clear to this “someone” that any attempt to harm Israel will be responded in a way that will overshadow whatever the rebels have been inflicting to Assad’s forces until now.


At first, I called it a circus show. Then I started using the term farce. Now, I can not find the right word anymore.

The trial of soldier Elor Azaria has been a disgrace to the state and to the IDF. A trial that should have taken a couple of hours has been dragging on for months, and no one sees the end of it. My evaluation is that the military attorney’s office understands that there can be no decision in such trial, that has been “polluted” by the interference of politicians and other figures of influence.

So for God’s sake, or more accurately for the sake of the army – put an end to this unnecessary process.


This is a complete anarchy. The heads of the state are busy fighting on a few houses in Amona and all sorts of regulation, while no one deals with the important issues. The list of neglected assignments is long, but I’m referring once again to the lack of attention of shareholders to developments in the state defense industries.

Candidates for board chairmen of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Rafael have not received their nomination due to hallucinatory explanations by all sorts of people with titles but no real sense of what they are doing.

But if it seems to you a marginal issue, and it isn’t, the situation is much worse. The global weapons market has become more and more crowded. It is very difficult to sell in the world nowadays without the government’s assistance.

And here the Israeli government does nothing. On the one hand, the Ministry of Defense has been often creating difficulties regarding the export, with irrational excuses, and on the other hand the Prime Minister and the ministers involved, primarily the ministers of Defense and Finances, refrain from taking a flight to market the companies of which they are the shareholders.

If the defense industries do not sell – they would not have enough money to develop the weapon systems that would help Israel in any future military conflict.

Shareholders can be so inattentive.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief

Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief