Egosi’s Fury – No Suitable Title for the Disgrace

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By Arie Egozi

The situation of the Israeli defense industries in the world markets has been getting worse from one month to another. Harsh competition from new and traditional competitors, political pressure exerted by states over potential customers. And in Israel, as always, the state does nothing.

It is not enough to be the best in this competition. The backup of the State is essential, however, in this case it just doesn’t exist.

It is not  about the companies’ annual profit. What the government somehow fails to understand is that selling weapons systems with profit helps develop future systems, and Israel is not Switzerland.

So the government’s policy towards the state’s defense industries is a disgrace. But in Jerusalem they are still busy in other things, mainly in the “Jews wars”. Future advanced weapon systems are certainly not required for that.


The shameful situation persists. The trial of soldier Elor Azaria has long been a circus show in the center of town, and not a trial. I have already written about it. I hoped that someone would come to his senses, fold up the circus tent and put an end to this disgraceful show. The has IDF made a mistake and it is still wrong in enabling the continuation of this disgrace. How many more reserve major general and brigadier general are going to step up to the witness stand and give an expert opinion on the basis of what they had seen on the TV and read in the newspapers?

It is nothing but a disgrace for everyone.


The massacre in Aleppo has supplied the proof that I didn’t need to the fact that the world, or more precisely the UN, has been a ridiculous, worthless organization.  

Assad and his allies don’t give a damn about this worthless organization.

The massacre of the city’s residents has been going on in front of the whole world, but the states’ leaders  do nothing but saying a few self-righteous words in different languages on their way to lunch.

The US protested about Russia’s role in the war and the attacks. Moscow refuted these allegations as if they were annoying flies. That’s the way it is when the US is weak.

The conclusion for us – no resolution of the UN or the Security Council is worth the paper it is written on.

Only a strong Israel, whose power deters its enemies, is the guarantee to our security.


Several flotillas left some ports in Europe and headed for Gaza recently. Indeed they do not pose any risk, however Israel must continue with the closure. This time it has to be done quietly, when all the men and women aboard the ships would call for help when the engines would stop working in the middle of the sea.

The peace proponents who wish to support Gaza’s inhabitants should rather check first where all the financial assistance funds have been funneled to. What is the destination of the cement Israel has been foolishly supplying to Gaza.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief