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The Golden Eagle, the first unmanned helicopter of its kind, employs robotic weapons for precision strikes, and is the result of a joint project between Israeli technology firms Steadicopter and Smart Shooter.

The new helicopter uses Black Eagle 50E combat platform technology as well as SMASH Dragon and artificial intelligence. AI enables a high level of awareness of a wide range of situations, along with classification, scanning, and autonomy detection capabilities. The SMASH Dragon system allows the helicopter to shoot and hit stationary or mobile targets with the greatest accuracy, while being controlled remotely. In addition, the helicopter is capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

According to, a unique stabilisation concept is also incorporated into the SMASH Dragon platform, as well as proprietary target acquisition, tracking algorithms, and an advanced computer vision system. With these, target hitting can be done with various types of weapons, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, 40mm and more.

Through advanced data processing, the AI system detects, classifies, and distinguishes between different kinds of targets (such as people in vehicles, moving or in a static position). As a result of the helicopter’s light weight, it is durable and can perform various tasks for a prolonged period of time.