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As part of the Project Convergence experimentation effort this fall, the U.S. Army is preparing to demonstrate an offensive drone swarm capability. This capability was created through a $ 14 million partnership with BlueHalo, a leading developer of advanced tools in the fields of space, energy, missile defense, and cybersecurity.

UAV swarm systems have been demonstrated by the U.S. military as early as March 2021, according to The system can detect and respond to threats with a single controller at a low cost.

It will be demonstrated at Project Convergence, a major event aimed at learning and evaluating the ways in which the U.S. military will fight alongside modern equipment with advanced capabilities in the years to come. The event is held once a year in Arizona since 2020.

From a company statement, BlueHalo’s products will provide an integrated platform for swarms of UAVs, combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, communications systems, and other evolving technologies to enhance mission performance and reduce cognitive strain on the fighter.