Electronic Warfare Drone Hunter Can Destroy UAVs 4.5Km in the Air

image provided by pixabay

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The newest addition from Elbit is the Red Sky system – a tactical very short-range air defense (VSHORAD) system that is designed to protect against low-altitude aerial threats. It consists of Redrone – an electronic warfare solution designed for detecting, identifying, locating and neutralizing UAVs.

The system reportedly uses a DAiR Radar, Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) sensors, RF Jammer, COAPS-L electro-optical (EO) payload, and includes anti-aircraft missile launchers. It uses these to provide a reliable, real-time aerial situation picture and prevent drones from infiltrating sensitive locations. The Redrone system can also simultaneously detect multiple targets and keep track of objects while it scans for more airborne UAVs.

According to Interesting Engineering, Red Sky can be remotely operated by a single user and offers the capability to carry out rogue drone override and ensure its safe landing. When compared to other major air defense systems and missiles that are currently being used, Red Sky could prove to be a great low-cost alternative.

Considering the increasing use of UAVs around the globe in war and war-like situations, the system can prove to be of great assistance in safeguarding against threats.

General Manager of Elbit said in an interview with Breaking Defense: “I would say the main achievement as I see it is the full system with the kinetic interception ammunition, missile, radar and soft kill. And also Elbit’s Command and control system,” and added that the system is mobile and easy to deploy, and emphasized its modular nature.

He further explained: “You can decide the threat is only drones and UAVs, or small and medium UAVs, maybe the gun is [not] enough or the missiles, and maybe in the future add the guns… Each one comes on a different vehicle, a relatively not heavy vehicle. It’s an elegant solution.”

Elbit Systems also reportedly offers “hard kill configuration” alongside the Red Sky, which ranges from remote-controlled weapon stations to air defense turrets. Some solutions include the TORC 30 Advanced Air Defense Turret (which includes a ‘soft-kill’ anti-drone, IR missiles, and an anti-aircraft cannon), reconfiguring the system to launch various types of missiles, and using the remote-controlled weapon stations (which can be integrated to improve weapon and machine gun accuracy).