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Organized by the US Department of Defense, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and the Merge Institute, the Global Challenge MoSAIC (Mobile Standoff Autonomous Indoor Capabilities) showcases breakthrough technologies and products for performing remote and autonomous indoor missions.

The event is divided into three virtual challenges and two physical challenges. They include surface navigation, room mapping, and object and human tagging, and consolidate tactical robotics and detection of human presence. Now that Airgility from Maryland, USA, has qualified for the final stages of the challenge, it will travel to Israel to compete with the DS-1 Minotaur drone in its production.

According to, for this year’s MoSAIC Challenge, the startup or entrepreneur who comes out on top will receive a prize of $ 600,000.

Aviation technology company Airgility specializes in aircraft technologies such as autonomous algorithms, navigation algorithms, task-completion algorithms, and artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection.