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There are more insects on earth than any other animal. Possibly because of this, Korea recently announced the development of new micro-robots inspired by the insects we see every day.

As reported by, it is a system of micro-robots with swarm-like capabilities, similar to insects, that will be used for covert military patrol and surveillance missions as early as 2027, according to a statement issued by the government military technology company in Seoul.

This technology was developed as the first step in South Korea’s efforts to develop and manufacture microrobots for advanced military surveillance.

Based on animal models, Seoul will create robotic swarms resembling ants and bees. In this way, a large number of micro-robots can communicate with each other and collaborate to accomplish complex tasks. This is the first time South Korea aims to build a miniature military surveillance robot in preparation for future warfare.

Five core tasks have been identified for the project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2027, and include developing mechanisms for robot operations, developing situation detection systems adapted to swarming robots, and developing uninterrupted stable communications systems and algorithms.