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US Army’s snipers successfully tested the new generation MK-22 Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) during exercises to clear it for fielding.

Tailored to meet mission requirements, the new weapon responds to airborne snipers who are typically armed with long-barreled precision rifles of a single caliber offering,” said an officer from the Test Directorate. Because of the single-caliber offerings, snipers requiring additional capabilities must deploy with additional weapons. The PSR can be configured for multi-calibers by the Sniper in the field and requires no higher-level maintenance to reconfigure. 

It will also extend engagement ranges for both anti-material and anti-personnel target engagements, according to

Prior to testing, Snipers from across the airborne and special operations community took part in new equipment training which included familiarization with the system, maintenance, target engagement, system configuration, and zeroing procedures.