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While cybersecurity budgets of companies and organizations increase, security resilience decreases. An Israeli cybersecurity startup helps companies shore up their security posture, and strives  to fundamentally change the way organizations approach cybersecurity. CYE does this in large part by conducting offensive operations against their customers — with their explicit consent — to find weaknesses in their network defenses before malicious hackers do. 

Its flagship product, Hyver, helps companies assess their entire network and assets. The technology uses advanced algorithms and graph modeling to conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment, covering the entire organization, as well as third-party vendors. 

Highly experienced ‘red teams’ then perform real non-simulated attacks, allowing CYE to accurately predict possible attack routes, giving customers the ability to prevent such attacks before they occur, as well as the knowledge of where resources need to be invested.

The company has just raised $100 million in a new growth round, led by investment firm EQT and with participation from 83North, according to

“Taking the guesswork out of cybersecurity” – Watch a presentation by CYE’s founder and CEO, Reuven Aronashvili at the INNOTECH Conference on Cyber Innovation and Homeland Security, organized by iHLS: