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The EDF (Estonian Defense Forces) has completed a firing of SPIKE SR (Short Range) missiles in a demonstration that took place in September. 

EuroSpike’s (a European Joint Venture between Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Diehl Defence and Rheinmettal Defence) SPIKE SR is part of the wider, multi-platform, multi-purpose, multi-range SPIKE family of electro-optical missiles. It is an advanced, shoulder-launched, guided missile, designed for modern infantry warfare. SPIKE SR benefits include a light weight of only 10kg, operational simplicity, and an enhanced range of 2000 meters. SPIKE SR’s ease-of-use allows the lower echelon infantry to qualify rapidly and to sustain a high level of operation with almost no continuous training. 

Photos by RAFAEL

In addition to the firing of live rounds, the EDF activated the different training means of the weapon system, including outdoor and indoor trainers. The EDF also evaluated the high level of portability of the SPIKE SR, and the highly-effective tandem HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) warheads, which allow advanced modern armor penetration, and the critical stand-off range of 2000m. 

These capabilities enhance infantry crew survivability when facing today’s modern tank threat that includes better armor, greater standoff ranges and advanced optics, which place ATGM units at risk. With its very low signature and single-soldier operation, SPIKE SR enables forces to shoot-and-scoot without exposing their location. This is a crucial capability for both high intensity conflict, when facing an armored invasion, as well as in hybrid warfare, when proxy armored forces operate to hold ground. 

Estonia is one of 35 user nations of the SPIKE missile, and one of 19 users in the EU and NATO. More than 33,000 SPIKE missiles have been supplied to-date around the world, with over 5,500 SPIKE missiles fired both in training and in combat, according to RAFAEL’s announcement.