Israeli Communications In A “Box”

Israeli Communications In A “Box”

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An Israeli company has solved the problem for emergency forces that need very fast wide band communications systems on scene.

The operational need for mobile broadband independent communications solution that will allow stable and fast traffic of high capacity data was identified by the company’s marketing team .

Current solutions are based on satellite communicationss or microwave and are expensive (equipment, air-time) and in many cases exposed and unsecured.

CelliBoost was designed to provide – via consolidated cellular channels – low cost, available and easy to use broadband communications infrastructure.

According to Alon Dayan CEO of CelliBoost ,while the system was designed to meet the needs of the HLS market, the civil market is much larger and is in need of mobile broadband independent communication solution. “The business plan is the establish a new company that will develop and market Celliboost to the HLS market and will re-design the technology and market it to communications companies, municipalities, banks and hospitals.”

Dayan told I-HLS that the system is based on putting four different cellular  sim cards in one “box” and using them to provide the broadband secure communication voice, data and video. “This is a very cost effective solution and it’s built to withstand the harshest field conditions.”

He added that the system provides capabilities that until now were almost unique to very costly Satcom systems.

The company has already sold some systems to different customers and negotiations with others are underway.