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The Warsaw Police has acquired a new toy for its arsenal: a robot you throw around. The Taktyczny Robot Miotany (TRM), or Tactical Thrown Robot in direct translation, was designed by the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements in Warsaw, Poland.

The Institute has just delivered the first few examples of the TRM 2.0 for testing. The TRM is intended for the tactical unit of the Warsaw Police, who “are going to use the system on a daily basis,” Defence24 reports.

TRM was designed to support counter-terrorism operations, with particular focus on the threats involved in reconnaissance operations carried out within the areas covered by the tactical unit.

The robot is constructed from a pipe-based framework and features a microphone, camera, and visible light and infrared illumination devices. To move about, TRM has two flexible rubber wheels mounted in its central axis and is extra durable to withstand falls from significant heights, so it can be thrown into a building or an open operational area from afar.

While the TRM is mainly designed for reconnaissance, it can also carry a not insignificant punch as it has the capacity to be outfitted with additional implements, such as explosive devices or stun grenades.

The Industrial Research Institute states the the TRM in its second generation has an improved drive system which is much quieter in comparison with the first model. It also allows the operator to smoothly regulate the view angle of the camera with a full 360 degree range.

The robot’s control panel is small and give the option of operating several of the devices from a single dashboard.