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The Other Side of Encrypted Communications

A global organization called on tech companies to come up with a solution for law enforcement to access end-to-end encrypted communications. Members of the...
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Best HLS, Cyber & Innovation Experts at InnoTech International Live Conference...

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the multiple challenges states and cities are currently facing. Technology has become more and more important in our daily...
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New Encryption Method To Fight Crime

The Council of the European Union is on the lookout for secure encryption and lawful data access. The organization has adopted a resolution calling...
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Hackers can Spy on Cameras Through Walls

Security cameras are our first line of defense in many fields of life, from our homes to the bank. But what if they aren't...
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Will Quantum Computing Spark Cybersecurity Armageddon?

IBM claims that quantum computers will wreak havoc on the world of cybersecurity by the end of the decade, and governments and businesses are...
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Cyber Attack on Weapon Systems is Easier than You’d Think

All US weapons that the Department of Defense tested between 2012 and 2017 have “mission critical” cyber vulnerabilities, claims a new report from the...
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Two-Factor Verification in Response to Shared Economy Challenges

A new technology provides a quick, easy confirmation that the person you’re looking at is the person they say they are.  When the driver,...

Quantum Technology to Secure Autonomous Car

Autonomous vehicle technology is an emerging global market. By 2025, the partially autonomous vehicles market is expected to be at 36 billion U.S. dollars...

Will Blockchain Tech Revolutionize Cybersecurity?

With Blockchain becoming more popular these days, a significant number of US government departments are rapidly showing interest. The US Department of Homeland Security...
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Join the Game! iHLS Security Accelerator is Opening its 5th Startup...

Apply Now! Are you a disruptive startup in the security field?  We at the iHLS Security Accelerator are looking for innovative ground-breaking technologies offering solutions for...

“In the COVID-19 Age – Security, Cyber, and Innovation Have Gained...

The INNOTECH International Live Conference Broadcast for HLS, Cyber, and Innovation on December 8-9 will host the leading experts at the intriguing panel discussion....
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Stop Encryption on Social Media, Says European Police

Europe’s Police Chiefs and Europol are calling for politicians and industry leaders to take urgent action to ensure public safety across social media platforms,...

Exposure to Defense Industries – One-Time Opportunity for Startups!

This happens only once a year! iHLS’ unique Startup Competition is a one-time opportunity for startups - in one day you can get exposure to...

Quantum Computing Revolution Coming Sooner than Expected

Encryption systems have never been unbreakable, rather their security is based on the huge amount of time it would take for a classical computer...
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Towards Transition to Quantum Computing 

While quantum computing is expected to offer unprecedented computing speed and power it also poses new risks, as global competition accelerates.  As the technology advances,...
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More Secured Communications – Through Space

A recent European initiative is expected to provide secure connectivity for citizens, commercial enterprises, and public institutions, as well as providing global coverage for...

IoT Security – Killing the Problem at Its Source

In an internet-connected world where devices are networked, the security of embedded devices is essential, as they are more and more exposed to cyber...

Secure Communications – Enabled by 3mm Chip

In most leading security standards used in secure communication methods — from withdrawing cash from the ATM to purchasing goods online on the smartphone...

Cyber Security Researchers Exfiltrated Data from Isolated Computers

Researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have demonstrated that an unmodified USB connected to a computer with malicious code can be...

First-of-its-Kind AI Processor Developed

The first artificial intelligence processor that is a deep neural-network accelerator, delivering both high operational capability and high energy conversion efficiency for a full...

Bypassing Encryption Under Protection of Law

In an attempt to target Islamist terrorism, pedophile networks and organized crime, several governments worldwide have been leading a policy forcing technology companies to...
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Digital Identity and Cryptographic Technology to Enhance IoT Security

Recent cybercrime and hacking exploits have shown clearly that much of the IoT – devices, services and applications – is coming online largely in...


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Ukraine’s Sea Baby Drones Just Got Deadlier

Ukraine improves its autonomous maritime capability by upgrading its “Sea Baby” multi-purpose unmanned surface vehicle (USV), which is now primarily focused on providing security...