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Cyber Discussion Panels

  • Privacy loss justified by a pandemic
  • Ethics in the operation of intelligence products vis a vis civilians in the COVID-19 age
  • Unclear boundaries – who moved my information? (i.e. the information that used to be in computers and now stored in the cloud, who secures it, regulation, etc.)
  • The right to be forgotten, and can it be applied?
  • Cyber futurology, where are we heading?
  • Cyber futurology, where are we heading?
  • Cyber – a trend or something that will persist?
  • Organizational attacks – when a power attacks a civilian organization
  • I have been attacked – what should be done?
  • OT, IoT, and SCADA

HLS Discussion Panels

  • Smart and safe cities vs. “comfortable cities” and quality of life: technology-based operational efficiency vs. quality of life, the use of command & control systems, cities networked with cameras and sensors
  • Cellular 5G as an enabler or thwarter: added value, regulation, threats, and opportunities
  • Personal security in the COVID-19 age – individual aspects focusing on the right to privacy vs. public health aspects, information systems for epidemiological investigations (AI), dashboards as a tool for breaking the chain of infection
  • Unmanned systems – search and rescue operations

Innovation Discussion Panels

  • Future infrastructure – the next generation of managing and securing cities and infrastructures
  • New Economy – the fintech, crypto and blockchain – creating a new economy
  • Quantum Supremacy – the quantum computing revolution will transform all aspects of life
  • Space – the New Domain – the near space is becoming more accessible, and after the drone revolution, the growing availability of satellites and mini-satellites is opening a new world of opportunities
  • Innovation in the IDF
  • Innovation of Innovation – how to bring innovation into organizations? Various models of innovation advancement in large organizations – internal and external accelerators, new financing models

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