Earthquake aftermath. image by pixabay

This Early Earthquake Alert Can Save Thousands of Lives

Earthquake early warning alerts will be delivered directly to wireless devices in Oregon and Washington state and as part of the ShakeAlert public alerting...
Disaster Recovery. image by pixabay

Situational Awareness Platform Designed in Case of Disaster

When a disaster occurs, whether by natural or human made means, it is crucial to obtain the latest and most recent information to guarantee...
Photo illus. forest by Pixabay

Watch: Drone Swarm Avoiding Obstacles in Thick Forest

Drone swarms have been usually tested in open environments without obstacles, or with the location of those obstacles pre-programmed. Highly cluttered environments such as...
rescue simulator

Search and Rescue Technologies will Save Trapped Survivors

In the event of a disaster, first responder teams can be faced with the challenge of searching for survivors, and in situations such as...

Dual-Use Applications to New Meta-Material

The longitudinal and shear energy waves produced by earthquakes travel through the ground and can destroy buildings miles from the epicenter. Preventing that damage...
photo illus. first responders by Pixabay

Innovation Initiative in Emergency Response Launched

Creativity and innovation fuel the development of new technological solutions. An institutional catalyst is often required to create the right environment and motivate innovation....

Geographic Information Giant Joins Fight Against COVID-19

When decision-makers have timely access to community health information it helps support situational awareness and extends the breadth and depth of understanding community needs....
mesh network

When the Network Goes Down – First Responder Solutions

First responders combating disasters such as wildfires or hurricanes often deal with the impact these events have on their communications. One option first responders...

New Unmanned Vehicle Changes the Rules at Disaster Scenes

During urban search and rescue operations such as earthquakes, large vehicles or vans are often used to get first responders’ equipment to the scene....

Location Intelligence Giant to Boost First Response Capabilities

Location is the most important piece of information in an emergency. With over 80 percent of 911 calls coming from cell phones—many of them...

Social Media Analytics to Help in Emergency 

The vast majority of tweets associated with an emergency with a hashtag are wishes of support and discussion about the event. However, on a...
search and rescue simulator

Startup at iHLS Accelerator: Revolutionary Simulation Facility for Emergency Response

There is a growing global understanding that the major challenge today is natural disasters - earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc. Awareness of pandemics threats has...

Two Advanced Technologies Integrated to Help First Responders

New public safety technologies for first responders are sought by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The technological advancements will produce...

“Bring Your Own Service” Connectivity Solution

07First responder teams arriving at a disaster scene often don’t have access to the carrier-based terrestrial LTE network for connecting to all the different...
disaster response

Call for Establishment of US Military Disaster Response Command 

The domestic response to coronavirus crisis in the US is rapidly expanding, yet there are concerns that response capabilities and resources at the local...
photo illust. by Pixabay

Drone Network Operated on Special Mission in Japan

Drones can provide a rapid response to disasters, reaching spots that are not accessible to other means. Communications and connectivity in such incidents play...

Fiber Optic Cables Can be Used for New Purpose

Under the sea, there are no early-warning seismic detection stations. Fiber-optic cables that constitute a global undersea telecommunications network could one day help in...
Photo illust Pexels

New Assessment Tech Regarding Disaster Damages

Satellite imagery is frequently used for damage assessments following natural disasters, from hurricanes to forest fires, in order to tell responders what infrastructure was...
Illustration - Wildfire Map by Gila National Forest

Interactive Map Shows Where Disasters Are Happening

Recently, the Hillsborough River in Florida was flowing at more than 3,020 cubic feet per second, with the river’s surface being at 31.48 feet...
Photo illustration Wikimedia US Marines

Israeli Technology – Firefighting and Rescue Teams Spearhead

Fires constitute one of the most extreme dangers to human lives and property. When every second counts, the response is conditioned on mobility and...
Photo illustration IDF Flickr, Wikimedia

Egozi: Home Front Command Confirms iHLS Claims that Home Front Not...

By Arie Egozi During the last several years, I have been claiming here that the Israeli home front was not prepared for emergency situations vis...
Photo illustration Wikimedia

Use of Artificial Intelligence Considered to Improve Disaster Relief 

Technology has been unremittingly creating enhancements and shortcuts for many things in today’s world. It provides major improvements into the world by making things...


image provided by pixabay

Ukraine’s New “Sea Baby” – A Rocket-Armed Kamikaze Marine Drone

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has recently unveiled its brand-new rocket-armed unmanned surface vessel (USV). This upgraded kamikaze naval drone called “the Sea...