Location Intelligence Giant to Boost First Response Capabilities

Location Intelligence Giant to Boost First Response Capabilities

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Location is the most important piece of information in an emergency. With over 80 percent of 911 calls coming from cell phones—many of them from citizens located indoors—it is critical that first responders have accurate information on where incidents are occurring. 

The global location intelligence giant Esri partnered with GeoComm and RapidSOS to integrate real-time location, indoor mapping, and critical incident data to help 911 personnel more effectively dispatch resources in a single situational awareness solution. 

ESRI’s ArcGIS is a powerful geographic information system for working with maps and geographic information. GeoComm provides public safety location-based solutions, and RapidSOS is a trusted data provider for over 4,700 emergency communications centers (ECCs). 

The location information is taken to the next level—providing critical indoor location information to help first responders locate callers even in large buildings and dense urban environments.

This partnership provides accurate caller location and other critical data through the context of indoor maps, creating an advanced view of the emergency. It will reduce response time and allow for smarter allocation of resources, which are critical factors when saving lives.

Built-in collaboration with public safety organizations, RapidSOS’s emergency response data platform securely and automatically links lifesaving location and additional data from connected devices directly to emergency communications centers nationwide, according to businesswire.com.