Call for Investors

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Due to the current security situation, the Technology Innovation Centre is pushing to find investors to support startups participating in its programs.

The participating startups are focused on the following fields:

  • Failure prediction and finding correlations between different metrics to create preventative maintenance.
  • Re-training models based on ground truth data that were trained on simulated data.
  • Personalized Automatic Tourniquet
  • Technologically based treatment of PTSD
  • Software developing AI-based technology for decision-making in construction management
  • Quiet / Noiseless creation of energy based on available energetic materials.
  • Automatic mask of partial information in a document, text, software, video, audio, and more, for preserving privacy.
  • Tool for analysis of emotions through phone calls.
  • Miniaturizing trained AI models for analysis of end measures (front analysis)
  • Hardware-inclusive end-to-end cyber security system
  • Structure health and resistance system
  • Nano-diamonds
  • Miniaturized water purification filters
  • An innovative AI-based platform for managing maintenance in equipment-intensive organizations
  • Advanced management and distribution platform
  • Management and Information Security Solutions
  • Solutions for management and security of distributed information based on Blockchain.
  • Deep tech

Investors interested in supporting startups or investing in additional fields, please contact us at [email protected]