IAI and Czech Company Cooperate on Light Attack/Trainer Jets

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) and Czech Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. signed a partnership agreement relating to technical and marketing cooperation for the military...

Solution Found for NATO Systems Lack of Interoperability

Interoperability in coordinating plans and communicating in battle is especially important when several armies are involved. The U.S. Army in Europe needs to ensure...
target drone

New Target Drone to Offer Unprecedented Training Level

A new model of a target drone will support military training. Following comprehensive testing, Leonardo’s new Mirach-40 (M-40) target drone has been authorized for...
3d printer

3D Printer to Produce Military Spare Parts On Site

In many instances, military forces have to cope with situations whereas an urgently needed spare part is not available on site and it would...
radar deal

Israeli-Czech Radar Deal Questioned

The Czech Republic Ministry of Defence is understood to have deferred a deal to buy Eight ELM-2084 multi-mission radar systems worth Euro 175 million...
special forces

Special Forces Are Outsourcing Even Intelligence Services

Special forces around the world are interested in ISR capabilities, which is often associated with on-the-ground targeting and drone surveillance during operations. Recently, there...

Egozi: Is Turkey Still a Real Member of NATO?

By Arie Egozi In recent months, Turkey has made some moves that put the value of this country’s membership in NATO under a considerable doubt....
kinetic battlefield

NATO Introduces Cyberspace into Kinetic Battlefield

When the desired target is not directly reachable over cyberspace, the kinetic engagement by military units equipped with the latest technological and tactical advancements...

Missile Deal Reflects Line Crossing in NATO

Russia and Turkey have been tightening their defense collaboration, while Turkey is still a NATO member. Turkey would be the first NATO member state...

Infra-Red Tech Enhances Anti-Missile Defense

NATO has been enhancing its capabilities in the anti-missile sphere. Elbit Systems was awarded a follow-on $46 million contract to supply additional J-Music DIRCM...
cyber warfare

Joining Forces in Cyber Warfare – Historical Move

NATO recently announced the creation of Cyber Operations Center as part of an overall effort to update and adopt a more expansive and efficient...

Egozi: Turkey and NATO – a “De Facto” Divorce

By ARIE EGOZI If someone needed another sign that NATO was not effective, an obsolete organization that has not adapted to the changing world, Turkey...