NATO Websites Attacked By Pro-Russian Hackers

Image provided by pixabay

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A pro-Russian cybercrime group has launched a campaign against multiple websites belonging to NATO nations.

UserSec, a pro-Russian hacking group has announced that it will begin attacking national websites belonging to NATO states as part of a new cyber crime campaign via its official Telegram channel.

“I want to announce that in the coming days there will be a massive defacement of the websites of NATO countries. No one country will be affected. We will deface several at once. Glory to Russia!” the post translates from Russian.

“We do not receive orders from the state. UserSec a group working for the good of Russia. We are attacking Europe, the West, all NATO countries,” another UserSec Telegram post said.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year, many pro-Russian hacking outlets have been targeting Western governments and organizations who have aligned in support of the war-torn country, especially those who have offered to provide weapons and strategic support to the Ukrainian military.

According to UserSec’s encrypted Telegram channel, the group, which established itself in January 2023, is made up of a small number of ordinary civilians, most with less than four years of hacking experience under their belt.

Both Killnet and Anonymous Sudan, two additional pro-Russian cybercrime groups have showcased supposed for the upcoming campaign and have vowed to support campaigns against NATO members in solidarity, according to reports by Cyber News.