NATO Files Leaked

NATO Files Leaked

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The pro-Russian cybercrime group Killnet has leaked secret data that allegedly belongs to thousands of individuals tied with NATO. The group began posting the stolen information via their Telegram account, calling them Top Secret documents.

KillNet has created a new dedicated channel under which they shared a sample of the leaked documents in their possession, simply titled “F**K NATO. “

“Drains of NATO private accesses of different levels of secrecy, private documents, interesting military manuals for your beautiful eyes from WE ARE KILLNET!”, its first post translates from Russian.

According to the threat intelligence platform FalconFeedsio, the stolen data references roughly 4639 individuals with links to NATO.

The database shows the victims full name, phone number, and email address along with the name of a city and identifying country.

Many of the domain names of the email addresses are linked to defense organizations from the US, UK, Australia and more, as noted by FalconFeedsio.

Killnet claims that it has over 100.000+ documents, presentations, descriptions of events and reports on the subject of Ukraine, details of the NATO LAWFAS portal and 100 logins and passwords of NATO military school JADL.

“We will continue our destructive activities for the glory of the fatherland! However, you can’t live on donations and promised help from sponsors. We will defend the interests of the Russian Federation, but now we are taking orders from private and state persons,” a direct quote from Killnet, as reported by cyber news.