Infra-Red Tech Enhances Anti-Missile Defense

Infra-Red Tech Enhances Anti-Missile Defense


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NATO has been enhancing its capabilities in the anti-missile sphere. Elbit Systems was awarded a follow-on $46 million contract to supply additional J-Music DIRCM (Direct Infrared Countermeasures) self-protection systems to NATO for its Airbus A330 Multinational Multi-Role Tanker Transport Fleet (“MMF”) Program.

The contract will be performed over a four-year period.

Elbit Systems will equip NATO’s Airbus A330 tankers with the J-Music DIRCM systems along with the Company’s Infra-Red-based Passive Airborne Warning Systems (PAWS IR), similar to several previous awards from global air forces and other customers.

The DIRCM solutions are designed to protect aircraft against heat-seeking ground-to-air missiles. These systems integrate advanced fiber laser technology together with a high frame rate thermal camera and a small, highly dynamic mirror turret, according to the company’s website.

NATO says the deal will provide important capability for its A330 tanker fleet, which will allow the aircraft, crew and passengers to operate more safely in hostile environments.

According to the company’s announcement, the follow-on contract extends the supply of J-Music DIRCM and PAWS IR missile warning systems to NATO’s MMF program, addressing the intensifying threat of shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles.