Cruise Missiles

Nuclear Cruise Missiles Program To Be Brought Back

President Donald Trump’s administration of is about to overturn some more Obama-era policies. This time, President Trump is set to reverse a decision to...
hypersonic glide vehicle

Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Can “Skip” Through Atmosphere at Speed

China's new HGV, hypersonic glide vehicle, named  DF-17, in the form of ballistic missiles will not only challenge the defenses of the US but...

DARPA is Interested in Tunnel-Warfare Tech

Many U.S adversaries have one thing in common: the need to counter the U.S. military’s monitor-and-strike capabilities by building vast subterranean tunnel complexes. Now,...
North Korean Missiles

USAF Microwave Weapon to Destroy North Korean Missiles

North Korea has made several nuclear and ICBMs tests recently. Also, the country’s leader Kim Jung-Un voiced threats towards his Southern neighbor and Western...
unit of weaponized drones

South Korea to Build Dronebots Unit to Defend Northern Border

In the wake of North Korea’s detonation of a sixth nuclear test and the launch of two new intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) this year,...
locating missile sites

Google and Microsoft Models Adapted to Locating Missile Sites

US researchers have trained deep learning algorithms to identify Chinese surface-to-air missile sites - hundreds of times faster than their human counterparts. The algorithms proved...
iron dome

Raytheon’s Version of Iron Dome – Effective Support South Korea

As we previously published, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) did not think that systems such as Iron Dome would be suitable for...
Iron Dome

South Korea – Iron Dome Not Suited to Our Needs

South Korea is pushing to develop an indigenous counter-rocket system to fend off persistent threats from North Korea's forward-deployed long-range artillery. Seoul's Joint Chiefs...

Egozi: Israeli-Made Radars Play Major Role in South Korea’s Defense

By Arie Egozi The two Israeli-made "Green Pine" radar systems play a major role in the protection of South Korea from the missile threat posed...
north korea

Egozi: North Korea and Iran Aren’t Stopping, While The World Sleeps

By Arie Egozi While it is very clear that the so called "Nuclear Agreement" with Iran is a bad joke, this terror country has not...
north korea

Egozi: USA and Allies Caught Off Guard by North Korean Threat

By Arie Egozi The US has only a few options at the still verbal conflict with North Korea. In the aftermath of Obama’s eight-year presidency,...
small satellites

Small Satellites – Dealing Effectively With Missile Threat

Years before North Korea fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile, the Pentagon and intelligence experts had sounded a warning: The North was making progress...

US Taking North Korean Threats Seriously

As part of the preparation for North Korea’s growing threat, the Pentagon will try to shoot down an intercontinental-range ballistic missile (ICBM) for the...

North Korea May Be Cooking Up Flying Uranium Storm

North Korea has recently developed a large stealth drone that can carry explosive devices and spread radioactive materials over South Korea, according to YonhapNews. "North...

North Korea Continues Developing it’s Nuclear Arsenal

"North Korea has reached a significant level of miniaturization and power of nuclear weapons," a spokesperson for the South Korean Defense ministry told RIA...


image provided by Aeronautics

Israel Unveils Orbiter 2 LM Suicide Drone

Israel-based Aeronautics Group, known for its tactical drones, reveals its latest addition to the Orbiter family of UAVs – a one-way loitering munition called...