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“North Korea has reached a significant level of miniaturization and power of nuclear weapons,” a spokesperson for the South Korean Defense ministry told RIA Novosti commenting on Pyongyang’s statement regarding the completion of essential part of the nuclear arms development made recently.

The spokesperson added that the North had reinforced its strategic capabilities and was continuing efforts to develop nuclear and biochemical weapons and ballistic missiles. “We suppose, that North Korea posses 40 kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium and the uranium enrichment program is underway,” the ministry said.

According to, North Korea has been under pressure from the international community since its January nuclear test and a long-range rocket launch in February, which resulted in tightening sanctions against Pyongyang in the new UN Security Council resolution in March. On September 9, Pyongyang carried out a new nuclear test at its northeastern nuclear test site.

Earlier in October, North Korea’s state media vowed to attack the US with a “merciless nuclear strike of justice” if Washington stages a pre-emptive assault. North Korea warned that “the Korean peninsula has reached the brink of war”.

This came over the backdrop of Seoul-Washington joint drills in the East Sea.

Washington clarified that plans were in place for “de-escalating and defusing” a crisis, according to the