robot. image by pixabay

Animal Inspired Technology Creates New Form of Robots

Many birds spend most of their energy in flight, though they are able to walk when speed is not as critical, but other birds,...
Combat. image by pixabay

New Sensor Delivered to Norway

Recent statement states that the Norwegian armed forces will be receiving upgraded Identification-Friend-or-Foe (IFF) technology as part of a contract worth $15 million with...
Computer. image by pixabay

These Computers Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Computers or networks in critical infrastructures are often physically isolated to prevent external access. “Air-gapping” means that these systems have neither wired nor wireless...

Talk Online Using a Mobile Glove – Communication Via Touch

Blind and deaf people often find themselves at a disadvantage with other communities. They often struggle to engage socially with the world and further...
Self driving bus. image by pixabay

Self-driving Buses: A Reality in Germany

Germany has revealed its plans to fully integrate self-driving shuttles into public transportation. This decision is the first of its kind in the world....
Photo illus. by Pixabay cyber-security

Int’l Collaboration Against Major Cyber Threat Turns Successful

More and more components of homes and businesses go “smart” and internet-connected. These IoT devices are exposed to the lack of adequate security in...
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Biometric Solution for Improving Security at Airport Staff Access Points

Airport operator Fraport recently launched its “Biometrics@Controllane” project to improve security at staff access control points using biometric solutions. Among the partners invited to...
U.S Army New Generation Guns, Photo by Sig Sauer

A New Generation of Squad Weapons for the U.S. Army

As part of a $20 million deal with Sig Sauer, the US military is replacing its M4 rifle and M249 automatic squad weapons with...
A-UGV Mission Master SP

Watch a Successful Live-Fire Demo of an A-UGV

A Rheinmetall A-UGV successfully completed a variety of complex tasks during a live-fire drill held in April for delegations from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark,...
Arrow 3, Photo: US MDA

Germany May Purchase an Israeli Missile Defense System

European arm races continue: German Chancellor Olaf Schultz has confirmed that his country is considering purchasing a missile defense system developed and manufactured in...
airport security - photo illus. airport by Pixabay

Ransomware Attacks on European Transportation Targets

A ransomware attack on a Swiss airport could be part of a larger campaign. Airport ground services and air cargo operator Swissport has been...
port security by UAV

Unmanned Technology for Port Emergency Missions

Hamburg port will use automated drones across many of its operations. Within the framework of a comprehensive technology partnership, HHLA Sky, with its technological...

New Version of Fox Military Vehicle Unveiled

A new version of the Fuchs/Fox wheeled armored transport vehicle has been developed by Rheinmetall. Designed for maximum mobility, the new version can serve...

Israel-German Collaboration to develop Joint All-Domain Networking Solution

A new system - “NEOS” – Network Enabled Operations Support – will enable joint all-domain operations including airborne, naval and ground platforms.  German-based company ESG...

Infantry Troops to Receive Upgraded Fighting Capability at Night

The Bundeswehr will acquire laser light modules for the German armed forces. The devices manufactured by Rheinmetall can be mounted via a standard interface...

Use of Anti-Spoofing and Jamming Code Expanding

M-Code is a new anti-spoofing, anti-jamming GPS signal designated for military use. With adversaries trying to jam and spoof signals to disrupt forces and...

IAI Will Deliver Tactical Radars to Germany’s Military

Advanced technology for the benefit of warriors in the field will be supplied to the German military forces. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), through its...

European Drone Development – What’s New?

Euro drone is a medium altitude long endurance (MALE) remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS). The multinational unmanned aircraft developed by Germany, Spain, Italy and...
airport security

5G Network to Accelerate Operations in Leading Int’l Airport

Various applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in airports, automated vehicles on the runway and mobile security systems involve large quantities of data....
Trophy APS for tanks

Germany’s Leopard 2 MBT will be Equipped with Rafael’s Trophy APS

The German Federal Ministry of Defense has decided to equip the Bundeswehr's Leopard 2 MBTs with Rafael's Trophy Active Protection Systems (APS) by Rafael...
lidar sensors

High-Energy Laser – New Move in Naval Arena 

A breakthrough development in the history of defense technology, lasers engage targets at the speed of light, operating with great precision and producing very...
Photo illus. by Pixabay no drone sign

Drone Interference at Airports – German Paradox 

Drones flying near airports might collide mid-air with aircraft, posing a threat to airline safety.  Germany has published statistics regarding drone interference at its airports,...