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European arm races continue: German Chancellor Olaf Schultz has confirmed that his country is considering purchasing a missile defense system developed and manufactured in Israel.

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has accelerated the global arms race, Germany has passed a record defense budget, which will also be used to upgrade its technology. The country is currently considering purchasing the Israeli Arrow 3 missile defense system, which intercepts ballistic missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

As reported by various sources, including, Germany only has 12 Patriot missile systems – not enough to provide protection for the entire country. With “Arrow 3”, a part of the Israel’s multilayer system for rocket and missile protection, Germany will be able to guarantee air defense in the coming years. Moreover, the defense system will allow Germany to assist neighboring countries.

The primary contractor for the integration and development of the Arrow Weapon System is IAI. Elbit Systems’ Elisra developed the firing management systems. Boeing, Tomer and Rafael are the major subcontractors in the development and manufacturing of the Arrow 3. Rafael is responsible for the development of the target missile and many additional parts of the weapon system.