Bell Unveils Next Gen Attack Reconnaissance Helicopter


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A subsidiary of the defense company Textron, Bell Helicopter, has recently unveiled its newest attack reconnaissance helicopter. For the first time Bell has showcased a full-scale model of the 360 Invictus Attack Reconnaissance Helicopter.

Bell claims that the 360 Invictus provides a low risk path to fulfill the United States Army’s requirements for a Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA). The company mentions that by combining lethality, agility, and sustainability with a modular open architecture approach, their new helicopter will be able to provide security and battlefield situational awareness.

The company has put emphasis on the helicopter’s design, thus allowing it to provide impressive capabilities while reducing complexities. This allows the company to easily manufacture the 360 invictus while improving its cost effectiveness. mentions that by meeting or exceeding the United States Army’s requirements, the helicopter will be able to employ lethal tactics, exploit the terrain, and develop real time information to keep ground forces informed in regards to the battlefield.