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Technology has been unremittingly creating enhancements and shortcuts for many things in today’s world. It provides major improvements into the world by making things much more feasible for people. Natural disasters are a global recurring problem that can simply not be avoided. It is not everyday where you stumble upon a new opportunity to improve disaster relief and defense operations; with the help of artificial intelligence, this could be done. 

The U.S. and Singapore’s military intelligence organizations will be collaborating to help make this possible, according to the US Defense Department. Particularly, it will be the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) and Singapore’s Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA). As of right now, these two agencies are specifically designed to only improve disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. However, there remains a possibility that JAIC and DSTA eventually focus on artificial intelligence together as well, according to 

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tropical cyclones, and tsunamis are especially prevalent in these two countries. Artificial intelligence technology will look at ways to expedite the process of assisting people after these certain types of disasters. If the search and discovery time was decreased after a natural disaster took place, then many more people’s lives would be saved. Natural disasters kill about 90,000 people a year and this new technology has the power to significantly cut that number down. Therefore, it is imperative to have this new system established as soon as possible.